Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year but continued progress (nothing new)

I have to admit, I tend to dismiss people's comments when they say it looks like I've lost weight. I don't see it and I know I haven't put in the full commitment to accomplishing planned changes so that I can see the "thin within." I can't dispute that the wardrobe items from the past several years are more loose fitting and the shopping spree at Christmas yielded clothes 1-2 sizes smaller than the previous year. Actually, in thinking about it, those changes happened with very little change in my daily routine, so it's definitely time to step it up a notch (or several) and REALLY impress myself.

One addiction in particular has gotten under control. I've actually impressed myself with how few sodas I've had in the last year though (less than one a month). Who knew water could be so refreshing? Thanks to Charlene, I now have a Brita filter system on tap at home (YAY). Brianna hooked me up with a reusable tumbler so I don't single handedly kill the environment with all my plastic water bottles at the office (SORRY). Devinne is on campus enough to know if I'm cheating on my own plan (LUNCH ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER) and the end of the year pic for 2012 better show continued progress or the rest of you will know I've played it safe rather than persevered in giving my best, not just good enough.

With all the obvious blessings and progress on so many fronts since I started blogging, I owe it to myself to make myself a priority. I've got the head knowledge and on occasion, I have the heart. I need to do it even when my heart's not in it though. I need your support. I need you to ask about my workouts, my meals, my follow-through, and don't let me slack off because I get busy with everything and everyone else. Sure, I've got work, grad school, volunteer commitments with VFR and Girl Scouts, family commitments, home commitments (and pets), church commitments, and a developing romance (where honestly, I'd love to say commitment or "in a relationship" but I'm letting him set the pace), but I can do all those things better if I'm healthier and more physically fit. I've noticed that spending time with Sophia and working out on the Total Gym actually result in more than five hours of sleep afterwards. That's rather appealing!

So, Happy New Year to you...but here's to me....making continued progress until the new me is revealed.