Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Will Remember You...Will You Remember Me?

Yes, my faithful friends and blog followers, I know I have been remiss in my posting obligations. I haven't forgotten I had one - I've just been busy living life and failing to document the experiences along the way. Speaking of memories, I know I have my fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly. And I'm certainly making new ones in 2011...mostly good memories as God would have it. (Insert a WOOHOO here!)

Now then, from the blog's title we have the topic for tonight's commentary. From several weeks of sermons (thanks Pastor Paul for inspiration), devotions, and self-contemplations, we have what has been on my mind other than running, work and the Fire & EMS world. Before I forget, the song reference (you know I have to have a musical connection) is Chris Tomlin's "Your Grace is Enough" which I will post as a You Tube video link. Jam to it as you read. It's one of my fav worship songs of late.

Remember...we've been covering Genesis at NCF and Pastor Paul talked about Noah and the flood. Noah made all the preparations according to God's instructions and he and the family with tokens of all creation were safe aboard the ark when God rained down His judgment on the earth. We know how long it rained (kids' song--40 days) and it took 150 days for the waters to recede. At some point, I would have been going stir crazy, dying to walk on dry land, escape the funky smells of an ark full of animals, spend time alone away from my family that was surely getting on my last nerve after so much quality family time, etc. I am pretty sure there would be a time when I'd begin to wonder if God forgot that I was on this big ol' boat because of what HE told me to do. Seriously, anyone who knows me knows I need variety and struggle with patience. Not so with Noah. He waited for the sign from God that it was time to act. He responded to God's invitation when in Chapter 8, "God remembered Noah..."

Even then, it wasn't an overnight process to regain footing on dry land, evacuate the ark, etc. It was the better part of a YEAR. Noah bides his time and chooses wisely - as soon as he hit dry land at God's invitation to exit because it was finally time, he built an altar and worshipped God for His faithfulness - for remembering His covenant promise. WOW! We all know that God didn't FORGET Noah and that's why suddenly in Chapter 8 we're told He remembered. That word is there for us...for me! God remembers us...He created us. He knows every hair on our head - even the true hair color. He doesn't forget His people. His grace is enough (surely you're playing the song by now...)!

Even when we turn our backs on his instructions, God remembers His promise to His children. If we're walking through the wilderness of willful disobedience or blinded to the truth on the road to Emmaus, God remembers who we are and who He created us to be. We have to remember Him too, and not just when it's convenient timing. Life is full of memories - the highs and the lows. Those memories help shape who we are. We remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ when we take communion. We need to remember the sacrifice of Christ in our daily lives too. The cross cannot be in vain just because we are too impatient, too proud, too stubborn, too busy, too whatever to remember who we are in Christ and how we should live because of it. We should live, laugh, and love. We should remember His promises.

Saturday, a group of us will remember the spiritual retreat we had at Chrysalis or Emmaus. We will fellowship and remember the mountain top experiences with praise. We will pray for the valley experiences as well, that God's grace will see us through. We will remember the life, death and resurrection of Christ until He comes again with a celebration of holy communion. God is saying to me: I WILL REMEMBER YOU - WILL YOU REMEMBER ME?

Trusting - believing - remembering - praying for the desires of my heart that I know he remembers full well...

Love and prayers,

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