Sunday, August 22, 2010

Out with the Old

So most people associate the phrase "out with the old" with the beginning of a new year or spring cleaning types of phases. For me, I am constantly trying to cast off the dirty garments so to speak from my past and move forward with my new life, clothed in Christ's righteousness. I struggle with trying to be a people pleaser (duh, right?!) and sometimes let the words of others dictate my own emotions, which usually results in tears and sorrow. When I stand up for myself, and demand that my emotional needs be met for the sake of self preservation, moving forward and avoiding connections to my past, I am called a b(@*h or labeled un-Christian. There are plenty of passages in the Bible about forgiveness and judgment, but it does not mean others get to trample on me--I'm a daughter of the King too, worthy of respect and a life free from the drama of the "negative Ned's and Nelly's".

In short, my quest for freedom must include forgiving myself and owning my past while not allowing others to use it against me or try to suggest that my present and future must suffer in some way because of the past. I have moved on and don't need those people or those reminders in my life. Respect me, respect that, or stay out of my path. My future is as bright as the promises of God and you might need sunglasses if you're bound and determined to stand in my way cuz the glow is just gonna get brighter as I build up my own emotional health again.

P.S. I might be making some difficult decisions to make sure the ties to the past are in fact severed permanently.

Jeremiah 29:11-13 is the mantra on repeat. HOPE - FUTURE - GOOD!!!

Thanks for prayers!

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