Thursday, November 18, 2010

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Through it all, one thing has remained constant in my life--laughter is the best medicine. This is really good in my case because I can't swallow pills (mental block) and crushing them up in applesauce has really ruined apples for me. love to laugh! I laugh at myself. I laugh at people when they fall (and then ask if they're okay). I laugh at people who are trying to make me laugh. I laugh at people who are so ridiculous they don't even know it and the comedians in the crowd who always prompt laughter. There's the giggle, polite laugh, guffaw, the full-blown intense laughter with cute snorting and tears and yes, even passing out from not being able to breathe because I'm laughing so hard. :)

I met my parents, grandparents and niece for lunch today. I was talking to Sophia about her official birthday yesterday and teasing her about counting rather than saying her age (you say ONE, she says TWO). I winked at her and she winked back...with her whole face. It was soooo stinkin' cute, I laughed out loud and of course, snorted. What was really funny is she started laughing too...and SNORTED! Then when she realized she had copied me, she did it again and was clearly very tickled with herself. I was laughing on the inside because as much as her parents have tried to keep me out of her life (putting restrictions in place like I'm not allowed to hold her for example), they will definitely know Auntie 'issa taught her to snort with laughter because I'm the only one who does in my family. (yep, I'm pretty much rolling with laughter right now too knowing my niece loves my laugh enough to copy it---kids know the good ones!)

I attended our business meeting for Victoria Fire & Rescue tonight and had a couple of laughs there too. Then, some of the usual "crew" went to dinner and couldn't stop laughing at each other. The conversations were random and loud and it's probably a good thing there were only a few other restaurant patrons or we've have been kicked out for disturbing the peace! There are some "crazy" VFR people but we don't want to prove it in public. LOL

So all in all, today was a great day, filled with moments to laugh. The laughter does my soul good. Insert Bible verse here about God loving the person with a cheerful heart (terrible paraphrase and I'm trying to finish this post and go to bed at a "normal" hour, so I'm not going to go in the other room and get my Bible out to look it up exactly). Now I just had to laugh at myself because I literally said "insert here" kind of like I told my sister to "scroll up" when we were at the store shopping. (Technology overload maybe.)


I can't think of a song, but I highly recommend the sound clip of the laughing baby. I guarantee it will make you laugh (or at least smile) even on a bad day. Enjoy life and love thanks to laughter. :)

Love and prayers (and LOTS of lady-like, snorting laughter),

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