Friday, September 24, 2010

My (not so secret) Love Affair

I have a confession to make. It's a pretty big deal actually. Are you ready for my not so secret truth to be revealed once and for all? I'm in love. Yep, and not just with the idea of being in love either, although that is certainly true too, being the hopeless romantic that I am. :)

When all hope is lost or when dreams are being realized
When I am at my worst or living life at my best
When I am alone or surrounded by others
When I sleep or when I rise
When I am busy or bored

There is someone who loves me throught it all - and IN SPITE of me in it all. This love knows no end, does not have strings attached, is not manipulative or abusive, and makes each day worth living. I've realized I'm never going to be complete without love and there's only one perfect love affair worth seeking daily anyways - Jesus Christ as the love of my life and Lord and Savior!! There is a God shaped void in my heart that looks something like....well, the CROSS. That's the plan of salvation at its simplest. Jesus died for me while I was a sinner. I can't earn that love. I can't lose that love. I can't ignore that love. I can't surpass that love. It's an amazing love affair.

So when you see some "mysterious" status messages about the "You" and "He" making me smile and have a reason for living, remember this not so secret love connection. Only when I am complete in Him, will I be able to really appreciate the love of any human man anyways. That's not gonna stop me from crushing' cuz I'm still the same hopeless romantic wanting what the heart wants....BUT, it does mean that I'm waiting for God to make that romantic connection. I'll just be in love with Him, seeking His will, sharing His love with others...and it will be enough. It's a God shaped void, so no B, C, G, J, or M that I've ever liked or like can fill those shoes anyways. It really wouldn't be fair of me to ask them to be a replacement for Jesus - too much pressure and setting them up for failure. The same is true for me - I can be a woman after God's own heart, but I can't save anyone - not from themselves and not from an eternity of hell if they do not make their own love connection with Jesus.

Thanks for your prayers (and love my dear friends),
Alissa :)

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